On Obesity

Malignant Homeostasis
Fat craves food

Guns and the Right People

That's Life

Right people to have guns today may be the wrong people tomorrow in fits of anger, being jilted, fever, intoxication, hunger, being fired, clumsiness or brain disease,pique, depression,inattentiveness, old age and such like coming about after qualifying as the right people to have guns, licenses to carry.

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Near instinct we know us all within
Heat roils atoms and activates their spin.
Molecules link random make matter many kind.
Some are good and useful but some not so benign.
When caveman brute discovered cook
Human culture leapt then off it took.
Pure atmosphere was  a big blessing then.
Now here hence fouled by combust  engine.
PS now and then in chemist bio labs
Taught all lads and lassies and kept their graded tabs.
Apt labs had hoods routinely work exhausts.
Poor earth per se no such at any costs.
Flora sometimes purifies if climate is at ease
But heated air pollutants are mankind’s big disease.
Few thus heating stuff made progress oh so good.
Billions when we do it our fate not understood.
Infinity not known and this and that and such
Burning massive matter good but maybe not so much.
Progress’ box canyon modern man but one…

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Continuation of Crit that follows;

Red Cell pas de deux cell-mate pirouette;
Such spinning embrace speeds chemistry set.
And around he goes as around she goes
Strikingly intricate life dance all knows.
Ions conjoin at the speed of light
So life’s lamp is lit all day and all night.
Corpuscles shaped like mounted car tires
Yet twists through paths no auto aspires.
You may wonder why red cells shaped like that;
Evolution’s tryouts the fittest beget.
Spheres and planes sport active surface galore.
Biconcaves though have thirty-percent more.
Man has red cells much more than other type;
To call us “Red Celleans” not just hype.